Our History

L’Orangerie creations were designed by French sculptor Olivier Giroud.

After graduating from Grenoble Institute of Political Studies, Olivier Giroud turned to the arts and learned the craft at metal workshops in Paris (Ateliers Raymond Subes) and clay (Château de Ratilly). In 1969 he settled in Vienne, Isere and opened his own workshop to produce original pieces made of clay or metal. Since 1971 and with his wife Isabelle, the workshop has grown and reached a larger audience with the completion of public assignments ranging from interior design, architecture and urban artwork.

Olivier and Isabelle worked on numerous large scale and monumental urban projects in France, (Often commissioned by a government initiative known as the 1% dedicated to the arts) but also in Europe where the sculptures raised the interest of galleries and private art collectors.

Since 1989, their work includes the production of a line of large clay pieces for gardens under the name “l’Orangerie”. The hand crafted work caught the attention of world renown decorators, architects and landscape designers who value the austerity, perfect balance and authenticity of the design.

L’Orangerie participates yearly to most celebrated garden events in France such as “Les journées des plantes de Courson”, “St Jean de Beauregard” and Coppet in Switzerland. L’Orangerie also develops custom projects in France, Europe and the United States for clients requesting original design and clay colors.

For more information about Olivier Giroud’s sculpture, visit www.oliviergiroud.fr